presents SRLS: a cloud-based LIS for the specialized clinical reference laboratory. View our Slide Deck.

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We feel that a typical genetic or molecular testing lab is more like a high tech start-up and less like a traditional clinical lab.

You have enough to do to bring up the analyzers and set up your bench: let someone else handle your traditional LIS functions.

Just as a high tech start-up can use cloud servers instead of buying servers, you can use a cloud-based LIS instead of buying an LIS. Make your LIS a low monthly, scalable fee instead of a large upfront cost.

We feature a work list-based model to provide work flow support and easy administration. We provide the following functions:

  1. Ordering
    1. Client on-line ordering
    2. Bench staff transcribing paper orders
    3. Optional support for HL7 orders
  2. Receiving
    1. Receive from client order
    2. Receive & enter an order from paper
  3. Resulting
    1. Small volume by hand
    2. Optional instrument interfaces for higher volume
  4. Interpreting
    1. Secure remote access for your consultants to do the interps
  5. Reporting
    1. Secure remote access for your clients to get report PDFs
    2. Optional support for HL7 reports

We also feature excellent migration support should you outgrow our system and want to migrate to a traditional LIS.

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